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How many Care Homes does Goring Care Homes Ltd have?

Goring Care Homes Ltd has 2 Care Homes – The Grange & Lyndhurst.

Can I personalise my own room?

We encourage our residents to bring personal items with them, including certain items of furniture, to help their room feel like home. Furniture has to meet fire and health and safety regulations, so we ask you to discuss this with the Home Manager before moving in.

What is a personal care plan and how ‘personal’ is it?

It is completely individual, and covers your physical, mental and emotional needs – every aspect of your life from personal care to activities. We begin to develop it before you move in, and it is updated monthly.

Is there a choice of food?

The daily menu is available in advance for you to choose from. If you do not like anything on the menu on a particular day, we can prepare something else. We cater for food allergies (gluten, dairy, nuts etc), and also for a range of diets relating to any medical conditions that our residents may have (e.g. needing a purée diet). If we know what you need, we will cater for it.

Do health professionals like dentists, opticians, chiropodists and physiotherapists visit regularly?

Each of our homes has a range of professionals who visit.

Visioncall opticians visit the homes to undertake eye tests and replacement glasses. Fees are available upon direct request, and they provide some NHS services. Other treatments, like chiropody and physiotherapy are charged at cost, and are not included in your fees.

Can I come for a short stay to see if I like it here?

If a suitable room is available, you can come and stay with us for a week as a short-term resident.

How often will my family and friends be able to visit?

As often as you like! There are no restrictions on visiting times, but please bear in mind that some times of day are better for you than others. They are welcome to join us for lunch or dinner, and it helps if they let us know first.

How will I know whether you offer the right level of care for me?

You will have a pre-assessment conducted by the Home Manager or Deputy Manager, so that we fully understand your situation and needs. This will include talking to you and your family members, as well as looking at your care needs assessment. We will only offer you a home if we know we can meet your care needs. If you move in and your needs develop beyond what we can support, we will help you to find a new home.

I have always been active, I am worried that I might get bored. What is there for me to do?

This is a key part of your personal care plan, and our activities teams will work with you 1:1 to find out what you are interested in, as well as organising a busy timetable of group activities and entertainments. We will also help you to get as much physical activity as you are able to, depending on what you enjoy doing.

I’m quite well at the moment, but just don’t want to live alone. Will you be able to look after me if I start needing more care?

Both of our homes offer Residential & Dementia care, so whatever needs you have, you can be reassured that we will take care of you.

What kind of training do your staff have?

All of our committed and skilled staff receive regular training to ensure they are upto-date. Training ranges from statutory requirements to specialist training for dementia or end of life care.

Is it OK for my family to take me out for the day?

If you are able to get out and about, and want to go, then of course! It is helpful if they let the Home Manager know in advance, so we can help make sure you are ready.

How do I pay for the fees?

Fees are payable monthly via Direct Debit.

What does the 12-week disregard mean?
Is there are hairdresser?

Both our homes have hairdressers who visit, and have purpose-built salons within the home. Appointments are charged at cost, and are not included in your fees.

I hate being rushed in the mornings, and like to eat my breakfast on my own. Will I have to go to a dining room?

We will find out how you prefer your morning routine, and will bring your breakfast to you in your room if you prefer. You will be welcome to join us in the dining room any time if you change your mind!

Is the home fully safe and secure? Will someone look after my relative if they get confused and try to leave?

The safety and security of our residents, especially those living with dementia, is one of our top priorities. All our homes have security measures to ensure everyone’s safety, and floors where our residents with dementia live have additional measures to mitigate risk at night. It is quite common for people experiencing dementia to be restless, especially at night. Our specially trained staff will walk with them, calm them, and see them safely back to bed when they are ready.

Can my relative continue to see their own doctor?

It depends. In some cases, if the home is in the same area as their current GP’s surgery, and they are willing to visit it may be possible. However, each of our homes has local GPs from the Goring & Woodcote practive who visit regularly, and we generally recommend that our residents are registered with them.